About Ads54

Our Platform provides the comfort and opportunity for both Advertisers promoters and Publishers to advertise their businesses and to monetize websites and Blogs or on social media platforms on a fair ground that benefits both stakeholders.

We direct massive traffic to your website with the help of our promoters and publishers. We currently have more than 34,000 promoters worldwide and 12,000 publishers responsible for sharing and placing your Ads on their social media platforms, blogs and websites. You should stop wasting money on facebook, twitter, instagram even on Google; Ads54 combines all of them together under one platform and we deliver.

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Why should you place your Ads on Ads54.com-10 reasons:

1. Ads54 uses human being not robots to achieve results. We have promoters and publishers duly working day and night sharing your ads on social media, blogs and websites

2. We provide comprehensive stats; you get to view who visits your website, time spent, country of visitors, whether traffic comes from mobile, tablet or desktop etc facebook, twitter even does not provide this sort of comprehensive statistics

3. We provide ecommerce page for those without a website to upload and sell their products free of charge. We also provide free brand page for those not selling physical products. Don’t spend to build ecommerce website anymore. Get it free

4. If you have a website, enter your URL and promote your existing website

5. Ads54 does not charge for impression, millions of people are bound to see your Ads yet it is free, you only pay when people choose to visit your page

6. You can sell in dollars or naira

7. You receive orders via your email and dashboard

8. Full copyrights. Please check the demo page here

9. Easy to set up, no coding required

10. 24/7 customer care assistance

Our Mission

Our mission is clear and simple. To explore, discover and implement the most advanced and effective advertising technologies that will maximize value for both our advertisers, promoters and publishers. We strive to keep our stakeholders ahead of their competitors by quickly adopting to new changes in the markets.

As we strive to satisfy our advertisers, promoters and publishers, we hope to expand to every corner of the globe connecting advertisers, promoters and publishers while we offer a friendly and flexible environment for online advertising and monetization. Our system automatically scales and optimize Advertisers Ads to reach only the right people given them the ultimate value for their Advertising budgets while at the same time, we pay our publishers and promoters 80% to 90% commission to increase their revenue

Our Vision

Advertising online allows businesses to reach potential new customers with highly targeted messages and call-to-actions, at the moment they are most receptive.

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