Ads54.com advertiser program allows advertisers to place their products and services Ads on our partners’ websites, blogs and on various social media platforms

Ads54 gives you complete control on your ads and your expenditure on each and every ad. Your Ads banner will be displayed on thousands of websites and blogs and also on various social media platforms. Up to 54 social media platforms

Signing in Ads54 advertiser program is very simple and it takes just 1 minute. You can click HERE NOW and get started

Two options; you can choose to advertise your website url or create a page to promote or sell your products. Where you choose to advertise your website url, you are required to input your website URL and upload a sizeable banner. Once this is done, select the number of clicks you want and make payment accordingly. Your banner will immediately be placed on our publisher’s websites, blogs and our promoters will commence sharing your website link on social media platforms including whatsapp. Your account will be debited immediately people begin to visit your products to know more about you or want to do business with you. Option 2: where you do not have a website, you can create a product page on our website; upload your products/services, select the number of clicks you want and make payment. Immediately this is done, our publishers will start placing your apportioned embed product page link on their websites, blogs and our promoters will commence sharing your products page on various social media platforms and on whatsapp. You can adequately check all the stats and see how your ads are doing

Both are the same. The reason why we allow people to create a product page is that some people do not have a website to promote their products. If you own a website, just pick the website option it will also help you boost your SEO and increase the ranking on Google

Ads54 intelligent algorithm will allocate your banner link to promoters/publishers depending on the number of click selected but believe us all of them want to lay hands on the project. We presently have more than 50,000 promoters waiting to lay hands on your project and more than 20,000 publishers with active websites and blogs

We have no maximum; but the minimum is 100 clicks

Each and every click you are getting for your ads have gone through so many verification procedures and it will be counted only if it is identified as a legitimate click. Our fraudulent click tracking system is well capable of identifying all invalid/repeated clicks as well as fraudulent publisher or promoter clicks.

You can register as a promoter to test our algorithm and see for yourself how fraudulent clicks are being tracked and disqualified

Advertiser payments are powered by Paystack

There is no maximum, but we have minimum. Our minimum is $15 or equivalent in your own currency

Your page remains active but the campaign stops running and becomes inactive

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