Why Ads54 is better than Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google combined

Why Ads54 is better than Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google combined

Ads54 is an advertising platform that places ads on 54 social media networks including popular Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Google etc. Ads54 uses promoters and publishers to deliver results We presently have over 50,000 promoters and publishers working day and night to make our advertisers smile One might ask; who is a promoter or publisher? Our promoters do share Ads link on various social media networks while publishers are owners of websites and blogs. They embed our code on their websites and blogs thus display our advertiser's adverts in a form of banner Why do we claim we are better than Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google combines Firstly; even though we make use of above social networks to achieve our target we go extra length to supersede what they offer advertisers. For example, when you place your Ads on facebook or twitter, once your ad campaign expires, your ads disappear. Here in Ads54, your Ads remain forever on those social networks it has been shared. Secondly, in term of coverage, we are the best. Presently, if you are to place your Ads on facebook or twitter you are to do it separately by creating facebook account, and then create twitter account etc you then pay on each platform. This process can be technical, time consuming, and expensive. On Ads54 once a single account is created, your Ad is served on 54 different social media networks including twitter, facebook, instagram, Google, Whatsapp etc Now let me quickly say something about reach-ability. If you place your Ad on facebook, you are to mention number of people to reach, the more you go wider, the more you pay and vice versa. Here, nothing like that, you can reach unlimited number of people yet your budget is not increasing Also, PPC charges we are the most affordable, please click "Compare Table" on this website to confirm. PPC means "Pay Per Click" we charge $0.053 which is the lowest ever Comprehensive statistics: we provide detailed reports of how your money is spent. You get to see how customers behave while on your website, the time spent, where your customers are coming from, device used to visit your platform, region, country etc. We don't just say 100,000 people visit your website like other platforms do Won't you rather try Ads54 with just $5.3 (N1900) for 100 clicks?


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