Why Ads54?

Question: How much does it cost to build an ecommerce website? Answer: N150,000 GET IT FREE NOW N0.00 LISTEN TO 2 GOOD NEWS 1. Create a website within 2minutes for your products and services on our platform. No coding required. You can create an ecommerce website for your products; upload your products and starts selling within two minutes. Or brand website to promote your brand. It is all free 2. You already own a website? Why not use ads54 to direct massive human traffic to your website. Web traffic is the life-blood of any website. Just put your website address (www.yourwebsiteaddress.) and you are good to go. It takes just one-minute to do this HOW THIS WORKS Ads54.com has promoters and publishers that are responsible for attracting massive traffic to your website. Once you sign up, fund your account, you are to upload a sizeable banner, image or logo; once this is done Ads54 takes it to our promoters who will share it on various social media platforms. This image, logo or banner represents your business or website. They can share it numerous times because they can only earn when someone clicks to visit your website. Publisher embed your image, logo or banner on their blogs, or website, they earn when people click on it to visit your website. You do not pay for number of people that sees your ads on platforms shared upon; you only pay when they visit your website Benefits • No more building an expensive ecommerce website just to sell your products. Get free website to sell your products/services if you don’t own a website • After setting up your ecommerce website free of charge within 2 minutes on www.ads54.com (No coding knowledge required), you can choose to promote it if you so wish with just N1900 for 100 visitors (minimum) • There are no limits to number of people that can see your Ads daily once you promote it yet you are not charged for it (Impression) you are only charged when people start visiting your website(Number of visitors) • Your Ads go worldwide but you can select where you intend to cover either Nationwide or worldwide. If you select Nationwide, your Ads will still go worldwide but Ads54 will only count the number of visitors within your country whereas if you select worldwide, your Ads go worldwide and Ads54 counts visitors visiting your website worldwide • You can upload unlimited products • You can sell in dollars or Naira • Track your Ads performance any time, any day. A comprehensive stat is provided that shows when, where the visitors are coming from etc • Place your Ads everywhere on social media facebook, twitter, instagram, whatsapp, LinkedIn etc, on blogs and third party websites free of charge • Ads54 algorithm eliminates multiple clicks by a single person, it counts it as one • Full copyrights. Please check the demo page here (https://www.ads54.com/product/page/8dc458fdacf64ed143dd7) • Ads54 algorithm detect who visits your website, the time spent and the following stats: Country; Region; City; Device used; OS; Clicked from; Date; IP Address; Service provider; Session used; Browser etc. We are the first to provide this type of analytical statistics • Fast, easy to set up and manage Get started now: www.ads54.com

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