Unique product page for Better Impact

Bring more traffic to your website with the help of new proven techniques we can offer

Create a unique product page or ecommerce page where you can sell your products immediately. You can create a product page or brand page if you don't own a website.

Process of creating a product page

5 simple steps of create a page where you can upload your products

Discover Opportunities

You don’t necessarily need a website before you can promote your brands or products on Ads54. Do you have a product you intend to promote and don’t have a website? Don’t worry, just upload the product images, prices and description and you are good to go

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eCommerce Template

Our product page is an ecommerce template, predesigned with you in mind, just upload your product images, put prices and description when an order is made you receive it via dashboard or email address from the contact form

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Add to cart facility

Visitors or buyers to your website can choose to add products to Cart. Adding to cart allows them to select more than one product at a time thereby making purchasing easier

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Quality Stats

Ads54 offers deep analytics that let you get a better idea of your product page performance, helping to improve user experience and overall efficiency. It sits at the cross section of customer experience data, application data and business data, giving you feedback on the product page itself and how it affects business operations.

You can view the people coming to view your products, where the clicks are coming from, platform used, time of click etc

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All you needed to do to get your product page up and running is simple and it takes less than one minute.

Login to your dashboard, hover on product and services, then click ADD PRODUCT, this will allow you to upload your products, prices and description

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What we offer under product page

Bring more traffic to your website with the help of new proven techniques we can offer

Unique Page

Once you click on ADD PRODUCT, and begins to upload your products you have automatically created a unique product page, it can also be called an ecommerce page. This is your landing page where customers visit to purchase your items

Receiving Orders

You can receive your orders via the contact form, and it will be submitted to your email address or dashboard.

Content Management System

Ads Campaign pages are designed in a content management system where you can choose to manage everything on your product page by yourself without the help of third party or developers. Ms word knowledge is enough to manage your page

Payment System

When you sell your products on your page, Ads54 does not collect money for you from buyers, instead we use contact form to generate orders for you. You should contact the buyers and negotiate how to pay and supply the items.

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